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Tapovan Special Thali.Food Tastes Better when you are in Good Location.

A thali is usually accompanied by small round bowls called katoris, though there are also thalis made with built-in compartments for different dishes, much like a bento box.

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Tapovan Special Pasta.Nothing Brings people together like Good Food.

Pastas are prepared by boiling and may be cooked until firm and resilient to the bite or until very tender. Prepared Italian style,they may be tossed with butter,cheese,and seasoning or served with a variety of sauces-tomato, cream,seafood, or others.

Why choose Us?

Tapovan Veg Special Kolhapuri .Food is an Important part of Balanced Diet.

This spicy and tasty mixed vegetable-based dish has its origin in Kolhapur, a historical city in south Maharashtra. Kolhapuri cuisine is known for its hot, spicy and pungent flavors. however, not all the food from the Kolhapuri cuisine is spicy & robust.

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